Peaks HOA

Frequently Asked Questions

The vast majority of residential developments built these days are managed by their own individual Association. This is done to provide decision making of all aspects at the most local level possible by a group of individually elected owners within your Association. In addition, this helps to eliminate the burden of maintenance that would otherwise be placed on the local municipality. Most owners agree that the HOA will maintain the common areas better and more often than the local municipality. Therefore, it is more advantageous to be governed by an Association than oversight directly by the local city or town.

Because your association is a legal entity, it functions similar to a regular business organization. The Board of Directors is a group of elected volunteers who serve without compensation which provide oversight and management functions to the successful operation of the association’s business affairs — which are in accordance with the standards set by your association’s governing documents.

Board of Directors Meetings for your property are noted in our online Events Calendar.

Board meetings are open to all homeowners and we welcome your attendance.  Please refer to the Events Calendar on this website for meeting dates and times. 

You may set up automatic online payments by sending an email to to receive an invitation. Please put “Homeowner Portal” in the subject line for faster response. You may also pay by sending a physical check to 1016 W University Ave, Suite 203, Flagstaff AZ 86001.

The Association depends on the ownership to make payments in a timely manner to operate effectively. Non-payment of Association assessments will result in collection actions and the Association may rely on legal counsel to facilitate those collection efforts.

For those who don’t comply with the established maintenance standards the Association can, after notice is given, impose monetary fines and, in some cases, perform the work to bring the property into compliance, and bill the expense back to the offending owner. This helps to preserve values and maintain a uniform and consistent appearance and aesthetic value for all owners.

The simple answer is no. Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes 11-1012, all dogs must be leashed (no greater than 6’ in length) when they are not on an individual owner’s confined property. So if you are walking your dog on the sidewalk or in a common area, your dog must be leashed, according to the law.

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